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Argyle Coin


Decentralized Marketplace for Diamonds

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Jose Aman - Chief Executive Officer

Mario J. Hernandez - Chief Technical Officer

Anthony Eusebio - Chief Information Officer

Xiomara Aman - Chief Financial Officer

Ali Zain - Lead Developer

Talha Masud Malik - Technical Lead

Ali Rizvi - Dapps Developer

Jose Chacon - Software Developer

Argyle Coin will fill that need with a global, standard cryptocurrency, that is complemented with a proprietary Wallet, Coin Exchange, and multilateral financing — creating an online marketplace to finance, trade, and pay for valuable diamonds utilizing Blockchain technology.

Argyle Coin offers a Guarantee Bond which covers 100% of the clients investment. We are also the first project to democratize the market of Fancy Colored Diamonds by offering a Smart Contract that will allow everyone to buy/sell a whole piece or a fraction of a diamond through an easy and friendly way. We are creating a unique ecosystem to facilitate this market with our Smart Contract Tool, Agyle's Wallet and Argyle's Exchange.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Argyle attempts to digitize and commercialize an interesting market of coloured diamonds. They claim to be the "First cryptocurrency correlated to natural fancy colored diamonds and backed with a guarantee bond". Argyle wants to create an easy way to buy and sell these coloured diamonds with all of the benefits and security perks gained by the usage of smart contracts and blockchain technology. All of the transactions will be transparently recorded on the blockchain to eliminate any fraud attempts, scams or extortions. They've picked these gems as the main target because of them becoming secure and stable investment with historic gains in value in the last 5 years or the sole reliability of real assets which has been traded since the early history of human kind with kings and queens for centuries using diamonds as a source of riches and power. Many investors currently also pick previous metals over regular stocks to secure their wealth. The site design is really beautiful, it grasps user attention and make it easy to research the further details, main features and project goals. The team even at the early stage consists of good amount of members with both managers and developers on the board. However, on the downside it doesn't provide many details about the team and it may be hard to check their experience and skills.

User Review

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Platform for diamonds13 october 2018, 13:46

I like that they are brining blockchain to an unexplored market, which may make them the pioneers in trading of these fancy diamonds and by looking at the charts we can see that they are becoming more and more demanded and valuable. They are expected to grow +7% only in next few years and as the supply is limited they won't likely fall too much, which may be a promising investment if the platform succeeds. I like the look of the site and content of the whitepapers, every aspect of the project is transparenlty explained.

ICO Review13 october 2018, 13:42

The idea behind the project is very interesting and I can see it succeeding, however something makes me uncertain about the project. I mean, I understand the the market of these special diamonds can grow, but in fact at the current stage it is not that much of a premium commodity that it could pull of being a reliable investment. It could easily be a short trend. On the other hand, precious metals and similiar types of goods have always been valuable on the market and their supply is limited, so I understand that it could bring some profits in the future. However, I'm not sure if the demand if high enough to create a whole platform dedicated to selling and buying these diamonds. I mean, how many people are trading them in such amounts that it would be needed? When it comes to the preparation of the project, it is on a very high level. So it's a big advantage. We will see.

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