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Next Generation of Consumer-Brand Interactions

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Smart contract blockchain




Jimmy Hu - Founder & CEO

Tiger Yang - Co-Founder & President

Richard Wang - CTO

Robert Xu - VP Product

APEX passes value and data ownership back to consumers, increases marketing effectiveness, data quality, and customer loyalty. Powered by NEO.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

The goal of the APEX is to provide a solution for drastically changing consumer data ecosystem. Here people sell their own data to companies they wish to and the data ownership is passed to the consumer. The companies get accurate data which helps them in effective marketing. So the middleman gets replace with AI and the complete power is in the hands of the consumer which is great for both, companies and users. They also offer optimized scalability by seperating enterprise-level workstreams from main network. One can easily scale his own application ecosystems in multiple sidechains. It is supported by Chinapexa, a customer data tech and AI company based in Shanghai and its team are great consisting of some ex-Alibaba employees too. It's worth noting that Microsoft or Amazon side companies are listed as partners. Users have an app supported on iOS and Android which allows them to choose the companies they want to share their data with. The roadmap has some huge numbers and may seem very hard to achieve.

User Review

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Wohs2n23 april 2018, 21:06

According to me the project seem pretty good but it does not get significant consumer base to sell their data it won't be useful for the enterprise users. The team is indeed great with a great goal but its fate totally depends on the community it gets. The overall design of the site is considerably good and it also has placed its complete team on the official homepage which is quite good.

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