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Decentralized mesh network tokenizing broadband internet access

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Smart contract blockchain




Derick Smith - IT and business generalist

Rakesh Rajagopal - Career banker, commodity trader, rainmaker and an early stage Bitcoin investor

Gary Cheung - Specialised in secure online payments and e-gaming technology

Dr. Michelle Booysen - An economist focusing on Business Development and Strategy Implementation

Kurt Cagle - Writer, programmer, ontologist, smith of words and code

MJ Fick - Programme and Project Manager in IT Software Development

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Ammbr is a blockchain-based platform where users share their wireless internet connection to anyone like their neighbor or their community member and in return get rewarded tokens. They noticed that 4.1 Billion people do not have an Internet connection, or it is of a poor quality. Ammbr is designed to extend the Internet, and its benefits, to these people using viral profit motives. It requires users to run the wifi on an Ammbr device which consists of a Wi-Fi base station with an IoT module and tokens are received whenever other users access the shared wifi. The team member has a great record in the past and have high success rates and know what they're talking about and how to achieve their goal, therefore they can be considered a positive side of the project. The project has been officially endorsed by governments of few African countries, where the connection issues are the highest.

User Review

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Inde9204 may 2018, 12:25

The concept of getting paid for sharing WiFi internet acsess in a token is indeed really great and I personally think that everyone who has access has an internet connection that is the majority could get benefited from this ICO and I would definitely choose this ICO for investing for its great idea and a great team.

Leonardo F.16 september 2017, 17:13

So you can get paid for sharing your wi-fi with strangers? On one hand it seems interesting in case you've got an unlimited plan that you don't use that much anyway, so you can earn some cents instead of wasting this internet away, but on the other hand it can also be quite dangerous to let some strangers onto your connection. I mean public wi-fi's are quite dangerous places. However if they solve this issue, maybe with the help of the blockchain technology, I can see it being quite popular way to get some extra money from the internet you are not using.

little_marmaid616 september 2017, 15:15

At first I though it would only be a fancy app that let you connect to other's wi-fi if they have allowed it. However as I'm reading more it seems like they extended that idea far more. It's not only a simply wi-fi sharing app. They are creating a whole new router-like devices that are designed to provide you and everyone else with reliable wi-fi connection. That way you can securely distribute and sell your Internet to others. The platform will show on a map where you can find next wi-fi spot and how much of a data you can use there. If a lot of people start using it, we can create a nice network of shared wi-fi.

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