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Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol

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Smart contract blockchain




Angel Versetti - CEO

Dr Stefan Meyer - CTO

Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz - Lead Engineer

Marek Kirejczyk - Lead Blockchain Developer

Matthew Roberts - Lead Blockchain Developer

Konrad Szalwinski - Lead Frontend Developer

The native token of Ambrosus, Amber is used to help trace food through its entire path from farm to fork, linking the information gathered to the records about the batch. Amber is also the fuel for the Ambrosus ecosystem, used to access the network services, interact with the sensor systems and to enter commercial agreements assured by smart contracts. Their Core Technology Partner for development of the Amber token is Parity Technologies

Expert Review

3.6 out of 5

With the focus on the food industry, they want to provide a base for future dapps and platforms to be build upon Ambrosus. In their case blockchain is used for it's wonderful transparent data storage properties. They will be able to create a database of food products and tag and monitor them from the farmer's field to the markets shelves. You will be able to get information about where it's from, it's expiration dates or check if there were any contamination problems. This will also create a database of farmers that provides the best quality products. Direct blockchain transactions will make it possible for the food to be delivered directly and without any middlemen making it much cheaper. Site's design is quite decent, they provide a lot of detailed information in their whitepapers and other documentation.

User Review

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0oooo006 october 2017, 12:30

A blockchain for food industry. We have seen some other ICOs trying to introduce such feature and this may turn out to be interesting. Blockchain is a great way of storing all the information securely and transparently. Thay can store all the expiration dates and products specification for easier distribution and management. With the tokens being also developed they may pay for the food transactions diretly in these tokens, so a farmer can sell their harvest for the tokens and the restaurant that needs products can also pay for the ingredients in the tokens and get fresh and described on the blockchain products.

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