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Decentralized GPU Computing

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Smart contract blockchain




Ivo Valentinov - ADVISOR

Andrey Nikolov - CEO

Delyan Keremedchiev - CTO

Dmitriy Androsov - Lead Developer

Anna Ofii - GPU Computation Specialist

Olena Rudenko - PR & Communications

Helen Khomchuk - Community Manager

Altumea is a decentralized platform connecting researchers, artists, and engineers looking to buy processing power for high-performance computing, deep learning, and AI with GPU owners. Altumea enables GPU owners to sell extra computing power to those who need to make large-scale calculations: artists, engineers, researchers. Buyers can buy GPU computing power straight from miners, gamers, and regular GPU owners with cryptocurrencies. Altumea gives users access to the almost limitless computing power held by millions of GPU owners.

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