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Professional grade trading platform for the masses.

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James Fogden - CEO

Aleksej Klebanskij - CTO

Reece Milligan - COO

Bernard van der Woude - President

Alttradex will be the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform to be licensed under a traditional financial exchange licence.  Built for traders by traders, Alttradex is a professional grade trading platform that can be used by both the seasoned traders and beginners, ensuring one can manage their cryptocurrency portfolio to the best of one’s ability.

Alttradex is built with potential upcoming regulations in mind and is in the latter stage of obtaining a licence that would enable us to have a strong input on regulations in that jurisdiction.  That alongside a unique support structure and an active stance on listing of recent ICO coins (after due diligence), will enable Alttradex to continuously remain ahead of the rest of the market.

Expert Review

2.4 out of 5

They want to create a cryptocurrency exchange. From the investor perspective, if the project succeeds there is big profit to be made, as they offer token holders 60% of the revenue from their exchange, which with big exchanges mean a lot of money. However, the doubt may come as the project doesn't seem to be prepared that well. There is no effort put into the site's design or the whitepapers technical information. Site looks rather empty and there is little to no graphics or information that would grasp attention or encourage potential investors. They don't seem to offer anything that would make their exchange stand out from others and there is no effort put into the marketing.

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