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Japan's first social media network built on the blockchain

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Masahiro Yasu - Founder

Takashi Mizusawa - Co-Founder / Marketing

Sota Ishii - Co-Founder / Engineering

Bato Erichin - Communication / Engineering

Tatsuhiko Kamei - Legal Department

Kenta Nakamura - Media and Mass Communication

ALIS is Japan’s first distributed social media platform. It is a new and novel social media where many individuals can create and find articles which people find valuable. With ALIS token as key driver, we remove ads and stealth marketing strategy and allow people to quickly reach high quality articles and trusted individuals.

A high number of low-quality, unreliable articles are being released in Japan everyday. These articles are being covered by the news and journalists. There is an urgent need to change the rules of these clickbait media outlets that only release content in order to gain more page views.


Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Alis is a social media platform run on blockchain technology, which has the advantage over mainstream platforms as it can provide transparency, reliability and privacy. Their main goals and focuses are trustworthy articles and news to set people free from advertisement-saturated conventional media, stealth marketing campaigns, and less-than-reliable information sources. Users can vote and rate the content providers based on the reliability of the information. The platform is mainly focused on the Japanese market, however it could be easily used by the rest of the world. It was initially advertised as a solution for the news problem in the Japan and the platform was to resemble STEEM. It's worth noting that ALIS is now available for pre-registered users and one can easily track the development stage. The team consists of good amount of members responsible for various aspects of the project, with the biggest focus being put on the technical side and blockchain development.

User Review

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Idle Island10 september 2017, 22:00

Well they admit they were inspired by STEEM and they want to bring it to the Japanese people, yet I don't understand why would Japanese people need a separate platform and don't use already existing STEEM for example, as this project doesn't introduce anything special. They claim that it's need in Japan as the media there has low quality, but we live in a world where everyone can write and no one forces them to follow their allegedly bad media, they can check out numerous blogs both from amateurs and professional on the Internet. Also the fact that they close themselves only on one country really lowers any possibility of development or expansion in the future and I'm not sure if Japanese media market is enough to make some decent profit and consider this platform big if it succeeds.

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