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The autonomous algorithmic trading fund

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Smart contract blockchain

Links facilitate participation in trading algos while giving  token holders the power over the pool. With the Ethereum smart contract we can decentralize the fund and govern the pool through voting. The trading algos trade the most liquid markets in the world: Forex and indices

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain it is possible to construct interesting contracts. The fixed rules and online execution of a smart contract are ideal for combining with algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading or bot trading is the trading of securities and their derivatives through programmed rules. The smart contract enables the managing of a common account including risk managment and payout managment. The creation of our own token (the Plasmon) is the easiest way of reproducing profit participation. The cost of participation in bot trading is super low thanks to blockchain.

Expert Review

2.2 out of 5

The site's design doesn't encourage any potential investors to research the project further. It even gives a slightly unprofessional look. Algo.Land wants to introduce algorithmic trading, which is basically another pre-programmed bot to invest based on set rules. It has it drawbacks and benefits, but it's the investor preference if he is ready to rely on algorithms in trading. When it comes to ICOs that offer such services, there are multiple better candidates for algorithmic and bot trading, that are more solid in terms of the whole media presence, successful ICO phase and the technological part is also well explained and proved to work. may turn out to be profitable, but it's a big gamble with such approach.

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