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Agrello develops an AI powered interface

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Smart contract blockchain




Hando Rand - Project Lead

Alexander Norta PhD - Chief Scientist

Addi Rull - Sales & Development

Margus Poola - Development & Finance

Simon Tobies - System Architect

Teddi Rull - Sales & Development

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Agrello ICO looks very promising. Smart contracts, which are expected to soon occupy a significant part of our lives at the moment, are still far from being accessible to any user. The project is aimed at solving this problem. With the help of their service, anyone can conclude a contract that will be based on a smart contract and a blockchain. In order to make this process even easier, they plan to create an artificial intelligence that will help. The project team is quite small for such complex technological solutions. On the other hand, it can supplement its competencies with existing advisors and partners. The technological side of the project is rather detailed described in the White Paper. To sum up, overall it looks attractive enough for potential token buyers.

User Review

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ppppp25 august 2017, 19:02

''Legally Binding Smart Contracts''. I really like the fact that they add the ''legally'' part to smart contracts that we've already seen and know, otherwise it wouldn't be that revolutionary. They aim to make these digital contracts have a real legal power and act as a normal document that is known in normal world. You can sue over it, demand it's execution, in case of being scammed you can go and report it to the police. Crypto world finally becomes significant and smart contracts are now having a real power. I like it and think it has a potential of being widely used.

Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 22:46

So they are taking the smart contracts to an extreme. Not only will it be a random digital contract that promises some execution, they have the means to make it an actual legal contract. As the digital and real legal world will meet, this project can allow for actually all documents to take place and be written into a public blockchain. This will revolutionize the world, as what once go into the blockchain cannot be changed nor forged or counterfeit. The documents will always be there and there will be normal legal means to execute them. It is really a big step.

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