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Blockchain solutions for aviation safety

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Smart contract blockchain




Artem Orange - CEO

Nadezhda Barkanova - CTO

Konstantin Gertman - CDO

Ruslan Zholik - Architect

Ali Badeea - Business Development MEA

Dmitri Prokopenko - Business Development China

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TanyaDegurechaff15 september 2017, 17:16

This ICO’s main objective is to ensure our flights will be much safer for the future. But will they be able to do it? They said by analyzing and pointing out mismatch in the data between ATC, pilot and operator. Wait a minute isn’t that already being done by airline companies? I mean there is a constant communication between the pilot and the tower to ensure that we are having a safe flight. And the data being send and received by both parties are monitored. So what is their main feature of this ICO that will make it profitable? Then I browse the site to find a feature of This ICO that is unique or very useful, but I haven’t found any that is unique and innovative. In terms of feasibility I think its okay but it will be long run before you can maximize your income in it.

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