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Academy - School of Blockchain


Academy - School of Blockchain is the world’s first accredited school for blockchain.

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JOHN SOUZA - Founder, Kingsland Academy Founder, Academy

JASON KING - Co-Founder, Academy Founder,

MOE LEVIN - Co-Founder, Academy Founder, Keynote

ROBERT KIM - Academy, Director Global Business & Enterprise Development

SVETLIN NAKOV - Academy, SoftUni

HRISTO TENCHEV - Academy, SoftUni

IVAN NENKOV - Academy, SoftUni

ACAD will be a means of paying for immersive training programs, educational offerings, and to access online content.

Corporations looking for highly trained developers can use their tokens to bid for Academy-accredited graduates through the Jobs Marketplace.

ACAD is poised to underpin the economic ecosystem of blockchain education by addressing the looming developer shortfall which could throw future blockchain innovations and initiatives into crisis.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

The Academy - School of Blockchain project solves a new type of problem that appeared in this new decentralized and blockchain-powered world - the lack of specialists in new and rapidly developing technology. They want to provide people with proper materials, curriculums, as well as tutorials and lessons to help new programmers learn about blockchain technology, as current schools or universities are not yet prepared to educate new programmers with the focus on cryptocurrencies, smart-contracts, blockchain and ledgers. Judging by the information from the site, the Academy is based on the already existing Kingsland University. The project itself is well designed, all the important aspects are described in sufficient detail and the the information is transparent and accessible. The project has a large team and many advisers, so they will most likely be able to deliver the promises and create proper curriculum.

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