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Is the advertising platform for ICO companies

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Smart contract blockchain




Vladimir Dyakov - Founder, CEO

David Pomies - Co-founder, Business Development Director

Ivan Pshenitsyn - Co-founder, CTO

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Don't buy bitcoins24 september 2017, 14:00

If I understand correctly they are in a way Adsense or rather more of a marketing company that can advertise through different means and places a particular project with a focus on ICO projects. The "innovative" part of a rather simple concept or advertising company is the fact they they are willing to accept numerous cryptocurrencies making it easy for an ICO to buy their services. They generally seem quite okay. I wonder if the price will be static or dynamic as cryptocurrencies values are changing drastically even in a matter of days.

Dominick23 september 2017, 16:29

I enjoyed reading the white paper and learning about how they are going to solve a problem within the advertising industry.... It just made sense to not have to convert to county currency to pay for ads. The site is professional and support returned answers to my questions very quickly. I am excited to see how much money they raise and how the platform will look in the future.

Robert Johnes23 september 2017, 14:27

First of all very clear whitepaper with brilliant idea unlike other "advertising" ICOs. Second, I like the team - they are clear, and they have already worked together. Third, the advisors are their current partners, it means they believe in the potential.
I have contributed ETH. This this project will definitely trend. Good luck!!

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