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The creation of a revolutionary blockchain

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Smart contract blockchain




Paolo Pandolfi - Founder & CEO

Alessandro Chiolerio - Founder & CEO

Vincenzo Guarnieri - Hon. Chairman

Emanuele Fogazzotto - Co-Founder

Marcello Prisco - Integration Specialist

Alessandra Rosa - Marketing & PR Manager

After a successful test with 50 Network Members and 100 3D-Printers installed, we are now ready to scale the Network and integrate it into our blockchain in order to grow it up to 3,000 3D-Printers and 1,000 Network Members and to reach 24 million hours of “Network Robots’ Workforce” per year. Appling this “Network Robots’ Workforce” we will be able to give birth to thousands of innovating manufacturing projects disrupting the traditional industry standards on time-to-market and products costs. Furthermore we will create a Marketplace / Crowdfunding online platform where 3D-Token holders will be able to exchange their 3DT peer-to-peer, to buy with their 3DT the Network Robots’ Workforce in order to realize their own projects, to resell 3DT to the Network at a fixed price equal to the ICO max. price in USD (liquidity will depend on market demand for the Network Robots’ Workforce; the participant wishing to choose this option will also need to accept the potential risk/reward of the future ETH value/rate) and to use 3DT in order to participate in crowdfunded projects related to the 3D manufacturing world.

Expert Review

2.7 out of 5

3D-Token want to combine a lot of 3D-printers and with the help of the blockchain technology create a sort of big 3D manufacturing network. As an advantage acts the fact that they already have a working business, so the money raised through ICO will only help it develop even more. Apart from this, they want to create a platform for other users to trade, sell and work together on their 3D projects. Even though, the technical part of a project is always the most important, the rather poor design of the site and promotional material may discourage any potential token buyers, as it gives the unprofessional and uprepared vibe about the project. On the other hand, the fact that they can show their already working 3D printing business, helps with their credibility.

User Review

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George Beckx15 february 2018, 13:21

I like the idea but I miss more tangible results. Right now it seems to me that it is too early to judge the results since it's more an idea or concept. Wish that the team will work on its vision and provide a clear roadmap soon. Curious how thing are going in the near future.

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