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ZeroSum (ZFX Token) ICO Review

21 december 2017, 19:10

General Idea

ZeroSum wants to create both fun but also potentially profitable for the user platform with the help of the blockchain technology, especially focusing on the smart contracts. They want to allow traders to compete against each other in trade-related games and competitions. That way, trader doesn't risk significant amount of his real money, as he can simply use ZFX tokens, but the prize for winning can be turned into real money.

ZeroSum (ZFX Token) ICO Review

Experienced traders

At the first sight, the platform may seem like a fun game for new traders to earn some experience without losing too much money. However, the platform may reach and please especially the older and experienced traders, even people that come from professional backgrounds such as Wall Street. With the development of the technology, some traders may find it unfair that they are being outclassed by various algorithms and technology in general, making it for an unfair competition on many popular markets. The platform wants to value experienced traders and give them a chance to benefit from their skills.

Already working product

ZeroSum platform is already developed and working, which can act as a great advantage. This shows that they are able to deliver the promised product and use the technology properly. It is a peer versus peer competitive platform that allows individuals to create and participate in competitions that require a particular skill in a given field.

ZeroSum (ZFX Token) ICO Review

Use case

The project's website offers a very interesting explanation and showcase of potential use cases for their project, what type of users do they aim for and who can benefit from trading there. Apart from simply explaining the topic, it is also a great showcase of their marketing skills, as they are able to easily explain and convince, even the people without technical knowledge to get their tokens. Here is a good example:

"Zach is a young student of the markets, just getting started in the world of trading. He has heard stories of friends making and losing money in retail trading, either in apps or online platforms. After trying his hand and losing his first $1,000 from an online retail FX shop like FXCM he decides he needs something different. Not willing to give up trading just yet Zach finds the ZeroSum network. He purchases his first ZFX Tokens from ZeroSum onboarding page, which integrates with an established ERC20 token exchange, he is ready to start trading. Zach first enters a free competition and places fifth which is good enough to earn him an additional 50 ZFX. Zach is now engaged, he enters another competition, 3 players trading EUR/USD over 24 hours. Zach comes out ahead and wins additional ZFX. Zach has been planning on buying a camera drone for some time so he visits an ERC20 exchange and trades out some of his winning ZFX Tokens for USD. With his remaining ZFX Zach continues to compete on the ZeroSum Platform."

There are couple more well-written user cases, which can be read on their site and in the whitepapers.

Expanding platform

ZeroSum will be the first competitive platform to use ZFX token created by this team. However, the project can act just as an example of usage for this smart contract. ZFX token is created with the focus on such competitions and prediction games. ZeroSum platform will focus on the retail trading and the forex and cryptocurrency market, but there can be many other platform set up in the future, which will be based on this technology and using ZFX token.

ZFX Token

The token is used within the ZeroSum platform and potential future platforms and games based on this technology. It is the only available method of taking part in these competitions. The fact that everything within the platform will be paid for in these tokens, may positively increase the usage and potential price of them. The more users and participants, the more valuable the token will get. However, increased value of ZFX shouldn't result in increased costs for users taking part in competitions. ZFX will be burned as part of a fee mechanism for utilization of ZFX transactions during the first five years.


The token sale starts on January, 3rd and will end relatively quickly after only two weeks on January, 17th. This may indicate a possibly short, intensive and therefore successful token sale. The cap is set at 1.5billion ZFX tokens with the initial price being 100ZFX to 1USD.

ZeroSum (ZFX Token) ICO Review

The team

The ZeroSum team may seem to be rather small, however they have extended advisory board and the fact that the platform is already available to check how it's working, shows that they are able to deliver what they promise. There are successful old market investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The technical part of the project is in good hands of very experienced and skilled programmers team. And by the overall looks of the site and information provided there, as well as general positive reach out to the users, it seems that the marketing side can be their strong advantage as well.

Final Thoughts

The project looks quite interesting as it combines both potentially fun game, but also requires and demands particular strong skills. Such trading platform can easily encourage both new and experienced traders to compete against each other and earn some money. As the tokens can be used for any kind of game, there is a possibility of new interesting cases and platforms in the future. The project looks rather solid, the design and marketing are done very-well, which can lead to successful token sale.

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