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Zeus ICO Review

01 november 2017, 19:17

It is often claimed in various research papers but also general advertisement and social campaigns, that on average one person produces 300kg of waste per year. That means that one household can even produce 1 ton. Lands under huge dumping grounds remain toxic and unusable even for 50 up to 100 years. That's why it has become a mission recently to find a more eco-friendly way of dealing with waste. ICO project we will be researching in this article not only tries to solve the environmental problem of waste, but also profit from it by in a way transferring garbage into cryptocurrencies.

Zeus ICO Review

General Idea

Zeus claims to be the first truly ecological cryptocurrency mining company, however we have seen other projects that want to mine with renewable energy, through solar or water power, but for sure they are the first to try transforming garbage into cryptocurrencies. They will build a garbage recycling factory, which will also be able to generate electricity from these waste products. This electricity will be then used to power general cryptocurrency mining facility.

Other by-products

The recycling factory will not be used only for electricity production. It will also act as a classic recycling facility, meaning there will be other by-products. They want to sell these recycled materials, which will also contribute hugely to the final profits of the project. They seem to have thought about everything and nothing in this project will go to waste.

Zeus ICO Review

Mining problems

The main reason why such mining projects are becoming recently more and more popular is because of the high costs of mining your coins yourself at home. Back in the day, Bitcoin could be mined with your own personal computer and the machine didn't even have to meet any special or high requirements. Nowadays, mining cryptocurrencies is a full professional process that requires special, often expensive for ordinary people, hardware. However, the biggest problem with the profitability of mining lies in the electricity price. Companies tend to move to countries with cheap electricity, as it is the indicator of profit. That's why if Zeus will be able to use waste, that we are producing almost in infinite amounts, they can expect huge profits. And when the company profits, investors and token holders will also profit.

Zeus ICO Review

Variety of coins

They don't limit themselves to any particular type of coins or single currency. Zeus wants to provide both GPU and ASIC miners. While the GPUs can be easily set up to mine any coin of choice, the ASIC are rather focused on particular coins. Of course the focus is put mostly on top coins right now like BTC, LTC, DASH or ETH. With the ETH it's worth keeping in mind that they may change in the future on the PoS system, meaning it won't be possible to mine it anymore, but before that happens it's still a worth considering choice to mine.

Zeus ICO Review

Zeus provides all the calculations and possible hash generated with their devices and profit expectations. If everything they claim and calculate is correct, they max expect even $100,000 per day. But of course it is calculated based on the current situation and everything depends on the market, which fluctuates and changes very often. Many other new coins worth mining will also be introduced in the future, so there are a lot of variables to take into the consideration.

Zeus Token

The token will be used to rent mining power and use the hash rate to mine coins of their choice in the Zeus mining facility. They will offer their mining services to everyone, however with the token it will be possible to get 50% discount, which can significantly increase the profit on the user side. The token will be ethereum based, with the ERC-20 standarization, so it can be stored like most of the other ICO tokens in your Ethereum wallet of your choice.

ICO phase

The pre-ICO will take place on the 25th of October and will last a month. After the money is raised, the funds will be used in the preparation of the main ICO phase. They will focus mostly on the marketing. The main ICO will be held from 15th of December to 25th of January, 2018. They are going to accept BTC, ETH and fiat Euro as a payment methods for the tokens.

Zeus ICO Review

The Team

Zeus team is a multi-national and consists of people with very experienced people. There are people focused on the technical and blockchain side, but also hardware and mining part of the project. As the biggest challenge will be the construction of the recycling facility, there are also managers and construction experts.

Final Thoughts

By developing a method to change garbage into electricity, they are indeed a revolutionary project in a way already. The fact that the electricity will be used to develop cryptocurrency market, by mining new coins also acts as an advantage of the project. There don't seem to be any particular risks or problems to expect. If they will be able to power their mines with the produced energy, then it seems like only cryptocurrency market crash can prevent them from profiting. Zeus will be a renting project, so the concern may lie in the number of user that would like to buy their services, however in the worst case scenario, the mining devices can work and make coins only for Zeus company.

Check out Zeus ICO TokenTops profile for more reviews, ratings and information.

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