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The Abyss ICO Review

23 april 2018, 20:51

The Abyss ICO Review

Game platform

Games and the way they are presented and distributed to the players have changed dramatically in recent days. With the development of technology and creation of streaming services, player doesn't have to have a physical copy of a game in order to enjoy it. He can easily buy it online using various popular platforms and then play it almost instantly. The most recognizable platform currently is Steam, which offers enormous choice of titles and encourage users with great discounts and promotions. The whole market is also very well developed. Steam as a leading digital distribution platform is estimated to have earned $3.5 billion in a year, while In 2017 whole video game industry exceeded an income level of $100 billion dollars.

The Abyss wants to put emphasis on F2P browser and client MMO games, as well as projects and titles which begin to connect cryptocurrencies to their gameplay, as cryptogames are slowly beginning to hit the market. They want to let player earn from transactions made by their invited friends

The Abyss ICO Review

Referral Programs

What The Abyss wants also to offer apart from convenient way to acquire and manage your favourite games is also a possibility to make money through the platform. User can profit from referral payments, fulfilling the developers' tasks, collecting achievements or by various in-game and social activities.

Referral program enables user to invite their friends to the platform. The invited person can invite other people as well, which create a chain of your referred person. Once any of these people, even the ones invited by your friends, make any transaction within the platform, pay for the game or buy an item, you get a percentage of it. Such feature will most likely encourage a fast growth of community in The Abyss. Moreover, you don't have to actively play any games in order to profit from referrals, so it can also be an interesting way of making some side money, if you happen to know a lot of gamers, which would like to spend their money there. As the system is based on the blockchain technology, it's all transparent, therefore you will know how much and if you are getting a fair share. One third of the platform's income is devoted to the referral program, as the developers of the project believe it's crucial to let the user benefit from being active on the platform and helping it grow.

Paid achievements

Game developers in order to encourage players to engage in their games more, will be able to set rewards for various achievements. The amount will vary based on the project's income, as well as on the difficulty of such tasks or a level of rarity. The less people are able to obtain it, the more you can get for such achievement.

Moreover, to encourage players to create a strong community, content creators and general active users, who contribute articles, tutorials or create fan arts, graphics or videos will also be rewarded.

Benefits for game developers

First of all, The Abyss doesn't require an exclusive game placement, therefore it's not a problem to list your title even if it's already available on other platforms. This way a developer can try to reach an even wider audience, by appealing to more cryptocurrency-oriented community and players. The referral program will encourage players to grow the stronger community and create more content and publicity around the game.

The Abyss ICO Review

Another interesting feature is an Internal CPA Network. When a player beats the game or simply gets bored with it, the developer can redirect them to other titles. Also the developer can buy traffic from other games.

A 24/7 customer support service is offered to the game developers. They can also use player statistics and choose their targeted audience, based on their interests or general activity in game communities, for example a developer can target and try to reach users who tend to create additional game content, fan art or guides.

The Token

ABYSS tokens are used as the primary payment method within the platform. The games can be bought with fiat money as well, however by using the tokens the player can get great discounts on his favourite titles. All the rewards and referral program are paid in them, as well as most of the internal services.

Token Sale

The Abyss ICO Review

The main coin offering is scheduled to take place from April 18 to May 16, 2018. The initial exchange rate is set at 1 ETH = 6500 ABYSS. The soft cap is set at 11538ETH, in case the goal is not reached, all of the funds will be returned. They offer various bonuses and discounts. The earlier you decide to buy the tokens, the more you can get for the same price.

The Team

The Abyss ICO Review

The team is relatively big for an ICO project. The biggest advantage is the strong experience of members both in the game industry, as well as software development and blockchain technologies. The developers have been working on numerous projects, and some of them have more than 10 years of experience in programming and working with big companies. The chief marketing officer has worked for Group and contributed to the launch of Revelation, PUBG and Eternal. Most of the team consists of Destiny.Games employees, which is a game developing company with a few projects already developed.

Final Thoughts

The Abyss seems to be prepared well to compete among the biggest game distribution platforms. The well-developed referral programs and numerous ways to reward users with tokens may encourage many people to play the games there instead of other mainstream platforms. Moreover, they want to expand the services to browser online games, which are not being listed on Steam for example. Usage of tokens will also be much more efficient and convenient than paying for games and services with regular fiat money. This can also affect the prices, as there is no need for any payment systems, banks or intermediaries to process the payments, which means the games can be listed much cheaper and developers will be earning greater percentage.

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