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Streamity ICO Review

06 january 2018, 23:14

Streamity ICO Review


Streamity project as a whole, wants to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency world. Their main project consist of creating a powerful cryptocurrency exchange with variety of related services. Apart from this, they want to focus generally on bringing the community closer to each other and let them create content for other crypto enthusiasts. For example, by contributing to the information research on topics like market analytics, investment resources, information about various cryptocurrencies, new tokens and ICOs. Users will be rewarded in tokens for their work.


StreamDesk is a decentralized application made by Streamity. It is a p2p platform for smart-contract cryptocurrency exchange. The main idea is to provide a secure and cheap cryptocurrency-fiat exchange service.

Streamity ICO Review

Cryptocurrency market

Streamity has noticed that with the development of cryptocurrency market, there is a huge potential for businesses contributing and making it easier for various investors to benefit from this new technology and currency. According to CoinMarketCap data an average daily amount of cryptocurrency trade in September 2017 exceeded 4 billion US dollars, and the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is above 130 billion US dollars. However, in comparison with classic FOREX market, which can reach even 5.1 trillion US dollars, there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.


With the popularization of cryptocurrencies, there came many various sites and exchanges which offer their services. However, as the status of cryptocurrency in general has not been legislated in most countries, there is a huge risk of fraud or unfair treatment. StreamDesk will allow users to exchange the money between each other, directly and without any intermediaries. Not only it improves the speed of transaction, but also allows to cut off any unnecessary and high fees.

Streamity ICO Review

Blockchain usage

To provide the highest security, the platform will be based on the blockchain and smart-contracts technology and the encryption. All of the transaction happening within the platform will be transparent and secured by the smart-contracts, meaning there is no place for any fraudulent activity, as everyone can trace it and check everything.

The purchase process

The potential cryptocurrency investor, who wants to buy a cryptocurrency of his choice, needs to just select a suitable order from the list in StreamDesk application. After confirmation of the order, the cryptocurrency is blocked by a smart contract, to assure that the money won't disappear anywhere or be withdrew by the seller. The buyer then pays the seller directly by his method of choice. As the seller receives money to his account, smart contracts gets a signal which releases the cryptocurrency, which is then sent directly to the buyer's account.

Streamity ICO Review

Fiat to Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and company needs to risk a lot in order to create an exchange service with low commissions. Usually, companies do not want to expose themselves for risks and huge costs, therefore they include additional fees into commissions or add them directly to the cryptocurrency price, making everything generally more expensive.

StreamDesk advertises itself to provide a service, which is much more profitable for the investors and traders, especially when it comes to the exchange of fiat money into the cryptocurrency or it's withdrawal. They want to achieve this with the low commissions and market prices the platform offers and convenient usage of their tokens.

The Token

Streamitytoken (STM) is the token to be used within the whole Streamity ecosystem as a payment method for various services offered by the project, especially with the focus on the p2p cryptocurrency exchange. The number of STM is limited to 186,000,000 tokens and there won't be any more STM tokens generated in the future.

ICO phase

Streamity ICO Review

Before the main token sale, there will be a Pre-ICO phase, which will start on the 22nd of January and will last for a week. The initial price of 1 STM token is $0.2. Then the main token sale will take place from the 12-25 of March. They will be accepting BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR.

The team

As an advantage acts the fact that the people behind Streamity project seem to be cryptocurrency enthusiasts and they simply want to contribute to this relatively young technology that is still very early in the development, for example with the target of creating a informational platform with guides and courses to educate people about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. There are experienced trade analysts and market experts, but also software developers and blockchain specialists. CEO of the project has more than 10 years of experience in business and asset management at the stock market

Streamity ICO Review

Final Thoughts

Even though, one would say that there are already many various types of exchanges, if StreamDesk is able to provide the low prices that they promise now, many people will simply change their old exchanges to the new, possibly better one, therefore this aspect shouldn't be a concern about this project. As the market is rapidly developing, there will be a need for such platform. The team seems to be very involved in the cryptocurrency world and wants to improve the community as a whole. The project seems to be prepared well, the information is clear and transparently provided in their documents.

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