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Storm ICO Review

06 september 2017, 15:56

In this review we will look at a very interesting project called STORM, which is a platform that combines all the possible ways of making money through micro-jobs. If they succeed in executing their project and they will manage to invite enough companies to provide tasks, I can see it as the only platform one would need to make some extra bucks on the side on the Internet.


Storm ICO Review


Various tasks

STORM aims to provide as many tasks and micro-jobs as possible, so that anyone can find something suitable for him. For people with particular skills there will be a selection with normal freelancing jobs looking for certain people. It is based on a normal peer-to-peer exchange and anyone will be able to issue such job and pay the freelancer.

Then there are these easy, but very repetitive tasks from companies that need it for statistics or management for example. This includes jobs like maybe checking some documents, or looking for bugs in the app or maybe a general copy-pasting tasks. These are the one that probably anyone that has tried to earn some ''beer money'' from the Internet has surely performed.

Next we've got beloved by everyone videos and advertisements to watch. Maybe even playing games as a tester or trying out new products and services. It all depends on whether or not there will be many companies that will want to provide their tasks there, but if the site becomes popular and attracts a lot of users, every company will surely want to use this platform as well.

From other, not necessarily task-based means, there will be these generally known, great additions to save some money, cash-back services and bonuses for purchasing products on the Internet. A great feature if you'd already needed to buy this product so you can do this and even profit slightly from this.


Storm ICO Review


The design

Everything listed above is packed and organized into nice three categories. They make these tasks sound and look like a very enjoyable works to do. This platform has taken an approach that you don't need to consider Internet micro-jobs as boring or hard and you can easily find something suitable for yourself. The design of the site is very good and clean. With a lot of icons, graphics and charts helping to introduce information, but the descriptions and texts themselves are also well written and made simple so that anyone can get a grasp of what this project is about.


Blockchain as a fee buster

When talking about a freelancer platform, we need to acknowledge already existing and very popular sites like for example Fiverr, the famous everything for $5 site. Your five bucks that you'd worked hard for is not only bombarded by platform fees, but also fees from withdrawing these funds. And you soon realize you have barely $3.50 left.

Thanks to the blockchain technology STORM tokens, all the fees are put to the necessary minimum needed for the maintenance of the platform. You don't need to wait few days for a withdrawal or have to earn some required amount of money beforehand. Tokens can be instantly withdrew to your wallet, then hold there or maybe immediately sold on the exchange for dollars or other cryptocurrency. There is no way you will get scammed of money or don't get paid for your work as everything is secured by the blockchain and the smart contracts.


Storm ICO Review


The Team

There are projects that have really good ideas, but the development and execution of them are often quite poor and destroys the initial concept. STORM team acts undoubtedly as an advantage. There are a lot of people working on it, so they have enough manpower to deliver it without any delays or problems. Every single one of the team members is experienced in their field, from programmers and blockchain specialists to business and marketing developers. Among their advisors we can find CEOs of very successful projects and companies.


Potential risks and drawbacks

Any developing platform that relies on a lot of users for it's existence has to worry about whether or not people will want to use their site. Thankfully, an investor doesn't have to worry about this when it comes to STORM project as they have already gathered 250,000 monthly active users. The sole Internet micro-job and freelancing area is also rapidly growing as people tend to work more and more from their house with no need to go to a physical place at the company and they enjoy the possibility of being your own boss and work as much as you want.

They are just starting this project so there is not much information yet available. I'd consider it at this stage as more of a ''worth keeping an eye on'' project for any potential investors. They are yet to provide ICO start date and fully descriptive white-papers, but are undoubtedly a promising project, especially with the amount of support, information and plans already available at so early stage of the development.


You can check out what our users are thinking about STORM here at TokenTops, where you can read their reviews, ratings, opinions and comments.



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