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Robot Cache Announces Video Game Revolution Through Blockchain Technology

22 january 2018, 19:00

Blockchain technology and the decentralization of traditional landscape that is now part and parcel of the technology’s implementation is probably best thought of as the 21st century gold rush. Nobody wants to get left behind or worst, come late to the show.

Robot Cache Announces Video Game Revolution Through Blockchain Technology

2018 is already recording some heavyweight companies leveraging the blockchain not only to change service delivery, but also challenge the traditional status quo of this industry. Case in point, InXile Entertainment’s disruption of digital gaming storefront.

InXile Entertainment, a premier independent game developer specializing in single player role-playing games, has been enjoying a sort of ‘second wind’ in the gaming industry by crowdfunding the development of their most popular franchise including Wasteland, Torment, and Bard’s Tale. The company’s crowdfunding ventures has posted some of the industry's biggest returns and now, the company has turned its attention to the distribution of these games through the blockchain.

Unveiled by InXile Entertainment CEO, Brian Fargo, Robot Cache is  a new, blockchain-based digital distribution platform. The platform is set to enable gamers purchase games like any other distribution platform. However unlike the traditional platforms, Robot Cache’s decentralized network enables users seamlessly resell their games to anyone in the world. be distributed between former owner and creators on Robot cache platform.  Fargo point that "Allowing creators to keep 95 percent of new game sales, and 70 percent on game resales, provides developers, like us at inXile, with a strong financial stream, This gives us more resources to create new content and new IPs for fans."

Robot Cache will be powered by its own cryptocurrency called Iron. Iron can either be earned through mining or game resales.

"Robot Cache is set to revolutionize the multi billion dollar game industry by launching the first-ever workable decentralized video game marketplace that benefits both the creators of video games and gamers” says Robot Cache CEO, Lee Jacobson.” All of this is accomplished by expertly leveraging the power, flexibility, safety, and transparency of blockchain technology."

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