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NetworkUnits ICO information

09 november 2017, 19:17

It is not a part of the article review series.

This article describes the features and the problems, which ICO projected NetworkUnits aims to solve.

„Network Units (NU) is a decentralized worldwide collaboration of computing power. By allowing gamers and service providers to participate in an unique mining process, they will create an ultra-fast, blockchain controlled multiplayer infrastructure rentable by developers.“

NetworkUnits ICO information

The Most Difficult Aspect of Designing a Video Game

Video games have evolved. It’s not just the real-to-life graphics or the incredibly complex campaigns that have changed the game. The biggest change to the gaming world has come with the dawning of the internet. Once an isolated event, video gaming is now a social connecter via online multiplayer mode. This means that developers must focus on more than just graphics and storyline to make a great game. They also have to worry about bandwidth, hosting, servers and coding, just to name a few. In fact, these components of a video game might be even more important than cool graphics and a great story. Blockbuster games can have seven times the amount of playtime when gamers compete online versus not online. Based on this one could argue that bandwidth should take seven times more of the developers time. So why are some games falling behind on this issue?

Lag Time Is A Killer

Issues concerning bandwidth aren’t just challenging for video game developers, but for everyone. This is because bandwidth can be extremely expensive, and especially for a video game. Going cheap on bandwidth is not an option, however. Low bandwidth causes lag time, which ruins the online gaming experience. Having enough bandwidth allows gamers to compete without obstruction, increasing the overall user experience. Lag time will make people less likely to recommend the game, causing a hit to potential revenue.

Bandwidth is difficult to get right because it’s expensive. This is due to the fact that increased bandwidth must be powered by servers. These servers are either cloud-based or are dedicated host-based. In order to accomplish this correctly, it’s typically outsourced. And as is the case with almost anything that is outsourced, it’s expensive. The alternative is to manage the servers and write the code in house, but this can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Not to mention it takes away valuable resources from developing the game itself.

Lag time can single handedly ruin the reputation of a game. Imagine you’re on a team combat mission through an online war game. Having even a split second of lag time could mean the difference between life and death. This could be the case if you’re operating on low bandwidth, which causes your controller to TV response time to be slow, or “lagged”. When users feel this, it puts them at a near impossible to overcome disadvantage. The result is often a dismissal of the game altogether.

However, in this complex bandwidth demand ecosystem, a solution has come to light through a new startup called NetworkUnits. The company has seen the gap in the marketplace, and has sought to reach out to gamers and developers alike, while at the same time, pursuing everyday internet users with bandwidth to spare.

NetworkUnits ICO information

Blockchain Eliminates Lag

The new solution to this problem, is found by pooling bandwidth together through a decentralized blockchain designed by NetworkUnits. Blockchains are not new in the IT problem solving world. They’ve been solving problems within the financial industry for years as the backing technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. However, blockchain technology can be utilized in almost any industry, gaming included.

Ironically, processing power and bandwidth aren’t always at a premium to the regular public like they are with gamers, and this is exactly why the NetworkUnits platform is so robust. For example, the average computer is used for nothing more than checking sports scores, social media, emails and a little bit of word processing.

Pooling bandwidth together through a decentralized blockchain can allow access to the already existing unused power. The potential is reduced cost for bandwidth with more control for the developers, and a more reliable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Decentralized, pooling bandwidth is precisely what Network Units is up to. By tapping into the technology of decentralized platforms through a blockchain, Network Units is able entice participants to loan their available bandwidth. This provides the necessary resources for the developers as they create and work on their game.

Then, the pooled bandwidth is made available to gamers. In service for their bandwidth space, vendors are paid in NU tokens, Network Units cryptocurrency coin. The result is a win for both parties. Gamers have efficient operating systems for online gaming, while vendors are able to earn income for their rented space.

Blockchain Reformation

Blockchains are taking the world by storm, and not just because of the money you can make off Bitcoin and Ethereum investments. NetworkUnits is another example of how this is taking place, specifically in the gaming industry. By renting your bandwidth or GPU space on the NetworkUnits blockchain, you earn money, and helping fellow gamers in the process.

NetworkUnits ICO information

ICO details

The company will commence its presale ICO on November 8, concluding on November 23, and the public sale to follow immediately until December 22. The ERC20 tokens, called NU, are available at 500 NU per ETH. PreICO investors will receive substantial bonuses, which will be unlocked in phases.

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