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Lisk Rebrands Its Platform and Announces Platform Updates

27 february 2018, 22:55

Lisk Rebrands Its Platform, Announces Platform Updates

Lisk (LSK), an alternative cryptocurrency launched on 24 May 2016 following a successful crowd-funding in the first quarter of that same year, has officially rebranded itself. The rebranding was presented by the Lisk team to both in-house and online audiences, numbering more than 10,000 viewers. Max Kordek, CEO and co-founder, the Lisk team and an expert panel of industry minds made an in-depth discussion on Lisk value proposition, the product benefits as well as the introduction of new interfaces including the Lisk ID on the Lisk Hub (previously the Lisk App). In addition, the new version of Lisk was revealed to be available by February 21, 2018 at 12:00pm CET.

Lisk Rebrands Its Platform and Announces Platform Updates

The rebranding on 20 February 2018 was more of a re-launch as Lisk remains the same except for some modification to features name such as; Lisk JS becoming Lisk Elements, Lisk App rebranded as Lisk Hub, Lisky as Lisk Commander, and a new logo.

One of the highlights of the day was the Lisk Academy. Jacob Kowalewski heads up the Lisk Academy, pointed that the purpose of the Lisk Academy is to provide knowledge about Lisk platform and the blockchain. His detailed explanation delved into the key areas of the academy which are Blockchain Basics and Blockchain Business respectively. The Lisk Academy plans to make the following features available in the near future:

  • Educational meetups

  • Blockchain Builders

  • Tailored profile experiences

  • Gamification (with a special focus on the next generation)

  • Accredited Lisk diploma

  • Community contribution option

The Lisk team also display their company’s financials in a series of breakdown. The company funds in both fiat and multiple cryptocurrencies was valued at 300 million Swiss Francs. The transparent funds breakdown includes how much had been spent in the previous financial year, and the fund allocated for expenditures in 2018. Lisk foundation took a step forward to discuss sponsorships for open-source projects, introducing Jon Gros-Dubois from SocketCluster and Vitaly Tomilov from Pg.promise.

The rebranding of Lisk on 20 February opened new doors for employment. Plans were revealed to employ additional employees; this is to achieve the mega growth Lisk planned for in size in 2018.

Lisk’s ICO was one of the highlights of decentralized crowdfunding in 2016, raising about 14,052 bitcoins from contributors. The figure earned the platform a slot on the list of top highest crowdfunding project for any cryptocurrency ever. That was almost 2 years back. Lisk functionality has being compared to Neo and Ethereum because developers can build their blockchain application platform on the network, but in Lisk case, it can be done off of the Lisk main network.

Lisk’s Software Development Kit (SDK) uses a JavaScript interface that allows the dApp built on the network to work on sidechains. This proves how Lisk performance is based on quality and not speed. Because, the sidechain concept offers a solution where if an app becomes faulty, it will not muddle the platform as these sidechains are connected to the mainchain and provides scalability.

Lisk which is often compared to Ethereum, will not compete with the latter. CEO Kordek maintains that Lisk is ‘not competitor to Ethereum’.

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