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Karma KRM Tokens Now Tradeable on OpenLedger

29 january 2018, 16:44

Karma KRM Tokens Now Tradeable on OpenLedger

Karma's KRM token ICO was one of the last months of 2017’s success stories. The fintech platform bag home it $10 million hard cap during its hitch-free sales event. Supported by OpenLedger,  Karma was able to conclude it offering in less than 3 weeks. The token sales kicked off on November 27th with 1.275 billion KRM tokens offered to investors and ended on 16th December. Karma has now announced it platform is functional and the KRM token is now trading on OpenLedger. The platform’s token is also listed on CoinLink. The official listing of KRM on the Korean-based exchange, signifies the availability of the tokens for trading in the open market

Karma KRM Tokens Now Tradeable on OpenLedger

OpenLedger decentralized exchange (DEX) allows  KRM to be tradeable against several cryptocurrencies such as DASH, STEEL, BTC, ETH, BTS and more. Karma platform is currently trading a daily volume worth more than $10 million of it unique token. Presently only 62% of KRM TOKENS are in circulation out of the  1.275 billion tokens created. 269 million tokens were unsold, and have been kept in reserve for future purposes. An additional 500 million are in lockup for founders, while another 365 million token are also in lockup for bounties. Locked up tokens will be released after a year.

“With a functional blockchain presented only a few weeks after the closing of their ICO, one has to say this ICO has delivered as promised and I am personally looking forward to seeing how this project will further evolve in future." says OpenLedger CEO, Ronny Boesing.

Karma KRM Tokens Now Tradeable on OpenLedger

Karma  is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending ecosystem built on BitShare's blockchain Graphene technology. The blockchain-based startup is aiming to build an economy of trust to a disintermediated platform for the even distribution of capital around the world. Co-founded by George Goognin, International CFA-certified financial analyst,  who boasts of a Ph.D in Economy Math Models and is the vice-chairman of the Russian Parliament Blockchain Experts Chamber, Karma wants to create a powerful impulse for entrepreneurship. The same vision driving OpenLedger.

OpenLedger is  a decentralized initiative that help foster upcoming ICOs through the uncharted waters of decentralized crowdfunding. Karma happily sit on OpenLedger pedestal as their biggest success story yet.

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