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JoyToken Unveils Demo Showcasing Its Gaming API Ecosystem

24 february 2018, 17:37

JoyToken Unveils Demo Showcasing Its Gaming API Ecosystem 

The blockchain based gambling platform; JoyToken  has unveiled a demo slot game for game developers. The game was released to showcase how content developers can harness the platform multi-facet potential by utilizing Ethereum protocol to create games that will have their outcomes solely dependent on immutable smart contracts.

JoyToken Unveils Demo Showcasing Its Gaming API Ecosystem

Developers who integrate the JoyToken protocol into their games can earn cryptocurrency as reward each time their game is played. In turn developers are empowered with participation and inspiration to deliver more quality content. Developers will also benefit through the platform global distribution opportunities including compliance requirements and licensing. 

Andrew MacDonald, JoyToken CEO, wants developers to know they are backed by the JoyToken platform. 
“Our goal is to support developers in doing what they do best, that is, create new games. We abide by all local market gambling regulations, so developers can be assured that games released on our platform have legal access to all jurisdictions.”  Andrew McDonald is a man who has worked in the online casino gaming industry for more than a decade in different executive roles. He is a current member of the executive board for PlayCosmo Casino, a UK-based online gambling site.

JoyToken is a platform and protocol network based on decentralized system that are powered by Ethereum blockchain. This is the core for it “trustless” gambling ecosystem, backed by the implementation of smart contracts for the automatic determination of game outcomes. 

JoyToken’s friendly approach for developers to ease the underlying strain in the creation of new games. For this reason developers can concentrate solely on creating new content.  The platform’s ultimate goal is to enhance the growth and quality of the gambling industry through the strategic creation of opportunities for game developers with a global audience linked via the JoyToken’s ecosystem. 

All gaming transactions will be time stamp on the blockchain and can be viewed by anyone, including developers, players and casino operators. The displayed information is encrypted and anonymized so as to protect individuals’ privacy.

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