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IndaHash ICO Review

17 october 2017, 21:35

Nowadays, with social media playing very important role in our lives, there are new trending and influencing people who connect and share their thoughts with us through their blogs, social media profiles, statuses and photos. These influencers became popular enough and has gathered significant userbase and followers, that various brands and companies noticed a cooperation possibility. You can now often find your favourite internet personas, bloggers or youtubers advertising various products. Project that we will take a look at in this full article review, aims to connect the brands with these influencers and trendsetters.

IndaHash ICO Review

General Idea

IndaHash is already the biggest platform that connects influencers with brands to work out marketing and advertising campaigns much easier and more efficiently. They want to improve their service and make it easier for brands to pay and cooperate with trendsetters with the help of the blockchain technology.


Popularization of the internet enabled everyone to become famous and gather his own userbase and followers. With the spread of social media and content creators, creative people managed to reach out to thousands of followers with their blog posts, photos or videos. This phenomenon has been noticed by big corporation. Young people don't watch as much tv or listen to the radio as they used to. Nowadays, a content creator can reach many people through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, recently popular Snapchat or oldschool personal blog, and advertise the product much more successfully than any other type of advertisement or marketing campaign would.

IndaHash ICO Review

Main features

The platform wants to ease the whole negotiation process and setting up details of the campaign for both the brand and the influencer. Through easy and straight-forward forms, the brand can fill them up with any information or ideas they need to be realized, their potential customer targets, category and country destination. They can even specify popular hashtags or description the influencer should include in their content. The brand pays the IndaHash and the rest of the campaign is from that point being managed and taken care by the platform and the chosen influencer. All the statistics, generated traffic and reaches are stored by the platform and available to the brand to see how successful the campaign is.

IndaHash ICO Review

IndaHash Token

The token will be used within the platform and to assure the flow of the currency among the users it can be used by the company or brand that wants to buy a marketing campaign. Then the indaHash platform will get the tokens, which they can use to pay directly the influencers. Even audience and followers can take advantage of these coins and get them from influencers as an reward, part of a mini-game or giveaway. They can even use these tokens to get customized merchandise from influencer or arrange closed meetings and social activities.


The first pre-ICO phase will start on the 8th of November, while the true Initial Coin Offering is scheduled for 29th of November. The earlier you decide to buy the tokens, the higher bonus and cheaper price you can expect. The initial exchange rate is set at 1 ETH being 3840 IDH tokens.

IndaHash ICO Review

The team

The team behind indaHash project is experienced in running big platforms and managing influencers. They previous projects focused on social media, so they know what they are doing. They've got the best marketing specialists that have run the biggest campaigns for leading brands and the technical part and developers responsible for delivering and connecting the blockchain technology and tokens to the platform looks also very confident. 

Already working platform

ICO projects often start from scratch, however in this case introducing the blockchain technology and creating own token acts as an improvement of an already working and prospering platform. This fact, acts as an advantage over other projects that are often at so early stage, that supporting them financially feels like gambling, you can never be sure if they are ever finished. In that matter, indaHash feels confident enough as they are an award-winning app and they have managed to connect 300,000 influencers from various markets with big and famous brands. Among them you can find brands from Samsung and Apple through Adidas to McDonald's, Coca Cola and KFC.

IndaHash ICO Review

The design

However it is not the most important thing when it comes to various blockchain projects and we shouldn't decide whether or not to buy the tokens based on the looks and the design of the platform or the site, it is worth noting that when it comes to a project that focuses on marketing, creating advertisements and developing brands looks, it is very important that they have a good presence themselves. The site is designed very well and they know how to emphasis their most interesting features. There is a lot of information, description and colorful pictures, however they are chosen carefully enough not to overwhelm the visitor.

Marketing of a marketing platform

As IndaHash is responsible for organizing other companies marketing campaigns it is obvious that they will take care of their own almost perfectly. They have a very strong presence in all the popular social media platforms and the campaign managers do very good job, replying almost to every user comment and question. They are able to run multiple profiles on various platforms and sites and remain very active on all of them. Maybe they will also join influencers from their platform to the campaign.

IndaHash ICO Review

Final thoughts

In terms of risk, they are very active and the platform itself is already developed, therefore it seems like they can only develop and profit further after connecting blockchain technology to the platform. With or without them, the social media presence is very important and it is in fact the future of any kind of advertising, with almost all brands trying to reach people through the internet, they will cooperate with influencers. If such platform can ease that process and make it easier for both the brand and the influencer, IndaHash can become a leading marketing management platform. It all depends on the amount of interested brands and inviting successful internet personas and content creator to the platform.

If you want to read more reviews and find out what our users and ICO experts think about this project, check out indaHash ICO TokenTops profile.

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