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04 january 2018, 23:21

A project we will take a look today in today's TokenTops full article review aims to revolutionize the marketing field. With the development and popularization of online marketing, there came a need for a place, which could neatly organize and help manage the campaigns.


General Idea

HOQU will be the first decentralized marketing platform. The main idea of the project is to create a place where both merchants and affiliates could interact with each other directly and without any intermediaries or brokers. This will not only improve the quality of such marketing campaigns, but will also be much more cheaper, as all of the unnecessary fees of intermediaries will be cut. Everything will be secured and dealt based on smart contracts.


Design and appearance

Even though to determine potential success of the project it is more sensible to focus and research the technical part of the project, it is worth noting that the overall appearance and design of the website and promotional materials of the project are very well done. It acts as a great advantage, as it's good to know that the project, which wants to focus on creation of marketing platform, is able to do advertise itself properly.

All of the necessary information is easily accessible, the descriptions explain the features in a way that even someone without technical knowledge can understand how the blockchain and smart contracts will influence the platform.

Affiliate program

HOQU platform will be a place where any advertiser can create their own affiliate program or even a whole network. An affiliate program is a marketing model, where an affiliate intermediary is involved in a promotional campaign, and an advertiser pays for end results. By providing a secure and transparent platform for such deals to take place, a whole decentralized ecosystem is created, which makes internet marketing much easier for its participants.


Blockchain usage

The data is stored on the blockchain, which means that it is easily accessible but most importantly it is secure and transparent. Advertisers can analyze the results and success of their campaigns. They can even access details about which type of advertisement is the best for their product, by monitoring customer activity and success rate.


Main features

In comparison with possibly similar but centralized platform, HOQU undoubtedly has advantage in almost every aspect. Summing up all of them, they can offer lower prices without need for intermediaries, the platform itself can be used for free and the entry and competition is relatively easy and fair. All you have to do is register an account, while on centralized platforms the requirements and entry barriers can be simply too high for affiliate networks.

Platform integration

One of the advantages, is the variety of services and collaboration options that HOQU wants to offer. They can work with all types of customers and are willing to provide an open-source software alongside with an API for integration and SDK for the development of customers own affiliate networks or other services.

HOQU platform wants to provide both web application and mobile app for iOS and Android.

The Token

HQX tokens will be used as a mean of payment within the platform for affiliate network services between advertisers and affiliates.

ICO Phase


The main Token Sale phase takes place from 27th of November to 26th of February, 2018. The base price and exchange rate is set at 1ETH = 5000HQX. The earlier you decide to buy the tokens, the higher bonuses and cheaper prices you can expect. They plan to make the token tradeable on some exchanges already within few days after the end of token sale.

The team

The people behind HOQU project are most importantly experienced in the marketing field, especially with the focus on online advertisement. They have already successfully run few marketing businesses. The experience gained there, made them realize what lacks in general marketing, that's why they are now trying to fix and improve this field. The advisory board of the project is also very well expanded and consists of many skillful and successful people.

Final Thoughts

As HOQU wants to revolutionize the marketing world, they not only seem like proper people to provide a working platform, but also to advertise their own project properly. A good design and marketing strategy can easily encourage people to buy their tokens during the ICO phase and successful token sale is a great indicator of possible future success. There doesn't seem to be a similar platform on the market, especially blockchain-based and the online marketing is very popular nowadays, therefore they can expect some good amount of users in the future.

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