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FriendUP Announces First Norway ICO

14 march 2018, 16:02

FriendUP Announces First ICO out of Norway

Friend Unifying Platform is a Norwegian based company poised to become the world's first fully-functioning open source decentralised cloud computer. Taking first place does not end there for FriendUP as they are also set to become the first ICO from Norway.

FriendUP Announces First Norway ICO

FriendUP network will bootstrap the world’s first decentralized open source virtual cloud computer on the Blockchain technology, ushering in a new order of virtual cloud computer. Simply put, the platform grants its users access to fully-featured and state-of-the-art computational technology on a secure network, offering a coherent user interface across all devices.    

The FriendUP network is in close partnership with Norwegian authorities, including an elite bank in Norway

Unifying Applications and Protocols

FriendUP is a applications friendly ecosystem that will promote the growth of Blockchain and other legacy applications. The network’s diversified technology will offer its client base an easier mode for the deployment of computational solution at less cost.

Developers and software vendors will have a haven for a cost-effective gateway for the realization of their software platform or innovation. Users will be able to speedily develop and deploy their solutions across several devices, blockchains, protocols, and APIs securely.

FriendUp provides developers with a liquid, cloud-based software solution for decoupling applications from the underlying hardware, giving them a digital environment that they can access from anywhere in the world at anytime. The platform also provides interfaces which unify APIs and protocols on a free and open-source web technology. This facilitates seamless integration into established Blockchains and new ones while utilizing cloud based infrastructures.

FriendUP has been developed on five core pillars:

  • Freedom of move, choice, communication, and innovation

  • Integration of platforms, devices, files, contacts, and all forms of digital existence

  • Intelligence through automation, perception, and understanding

  • Empowerment for individuals, groups, and businesses by asserting immutable ownership and freedom of operation

  • Privacy of data, decisions, and creation

Token Generation Event

FriendUP as announced its ICO for the further development of the platform. The ICO is for its powerful utility token, FriendUP token. The ERC20 compatible token has been billed as the currency for freedom, empowerment, innovation and trustworthiness in the ecosystem.

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