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Equi to Revolutionize Equity Market Through Blockchain Technology

01 march 2018, 23:02

Equi to Revolutionize Equity Market Through Blockchain Technology

What gives one token more sparkle than the next is sometimes the names behind it. This is why EQUI is the brightest spark in the ICO sky with Ultimo lingerie business woman, Baroness Mone and her billionaire boyfriend Doug Barrowman, fronting a new revolution on the blockchain. EQUI is actually offering not just big names but also as a platform of innovative idea with a fresh take on venture capital investment, it is offering a total market disruption. EQUI aims to become a decentralized haven for early stage high tech and biotech startups from across the globe platform which will be diligently selected.

Equi to Revolutionize Equity Market Through Blockchain Technology

"Crowdfunding is very good at raising smaller sums of money. The beauty of Equi is that it's linked to a cryptocurrency, which has a value in its own right, and the value is underpinned by the quality of the investment's we make."

Recent years has seen the raise of many ICOs, especially in 2017 which will forever be remembered as the year of the “cryptocurrency craze”.  Collectively, hundreds of billions have been accumulated through the Initial Coin Offering, however, the integrity of some companies who utilize the method has been questionable.

EQUI is built on strong reputation. Baroness Mone, also fondly known as the bra tycoon, has outline her plans for giving cryptocurrency a more sizzling look, stressing how their public identity and profile translate into trust for their upcoming ICOs. And trust is pivotal in ICOs.

"This is why it's going to be one of the most successful ones when it launches” Mone noted.

The Baroness and partner have also announced that they will crowdfund the platform development to the tune of $125m (£89m) from interested parties. EQUI investments will be functional in May 2018, after meeting the proposed hardcap.

The Equi token will be the platform’s utility token for accessing all internal services. It will also be tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges. The token will reward all token holders with five percent of the profits generated from investment profits, while users who invest in any startups with their tokens will earn 70 percent. The remaining share will be distributed between the founders.

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