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DeepBrain Chain ICO Review

06 december 2017, 19:15

The project that we will take a look at in this TokenTops article wants to contribute in the development of recently popular technology that is only starting to emerge. The development of GPU computing power, big data, the general idea of Internet of Things and technological advancements like sensors, have all lead to the creation of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, this relatively new technology is being introduced to us and integrated into our everyday lives.

DeepBrain Chain ICO Review

Main idea

The main target for DeepBrain Chain is to provide a cheap, private, secure and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for the development of AI related products and services.

Artificial Intelligence

It is noted that in the past 5 years, there were 5154 artificial intelligence startups in the whole world, the total financing amount reached $22.4 billion, and many companies have set up artificial intelligence departments while the net investment in artificial intelligence world-wide reached more than $100 billion. These numbers show that DeepBrain Chain has chosen a good field to explore. The market for such products is relatively new, therefore there is place for new companies to become the leading providers of such AI-related services.

DeepBrain Chain ICO Review

Neural Network

What DeepBrain Chain offers is almost unlimited computing power, that can be achieved because of connected power of numerous mining nodes all over the world. They contribute their computing power to create that one extremely powerful machine, which can process thousands of tasks, much more faster than any regular computer would do.

DeepBrain Chain ICO Review

Miners reward

To encourage the spread of nodes, DeepBrain Chain offers a reward for the miners. DBC tokens will be paid out to the ones who successfully deployed computational mirror image.

Cheap service

One of the most important features and goals the project wanted to achieve is to provide this service at the relatively low costs. Thanks to the network being decentralized and distributed over numerous smaller nodes through blockchain technology. Such solution makes it possible to offer the service cheaper, because there is no need to rent large amount of powerful machines that would be otherwise required to generate this much of computing power. Moreover, this massive neural network and its nodes can be dynamically adjusted according to the amount of calculation needed by the users. This assures that there is no computing power wasted or unused as everything can be very flexible.

DeepBrain Chain ICO Review

Trading platform

In addition to what DeepBrain Chain offers, it will also act as a marketplace and trading platform for the data. They put a great effort in providing the service as securely and privacy-oriented as possible. It is stated that by using the smart contract, the blockchain technology allows us to separate data ownership and usage rights. Ensuring security of the data transfer via the crypto-algorithm and the separation of mechanism.

The Token

DBC are tokens used within the platform and acting as a reward for setting up and maintaining the nodes. It can also be used as a secure smart contracts with the focus on the privacy of the user.

DBC total circulation is 10 billion, among which mining produces 50%.


DeepBrain Chain ICO Review

The token sale is expected to start on the 10th of December, 2017 and will last a month until the 10th of January, 2018.

The Team

DeepBrain Chain team is mainly China based. It is of medium size, when it comes to number of members and consists of programmers, developers and people responsible for the technical part of the project, as well as people to take care of business and marketing related problems. In the section mentioning previous projects and clients, there are a few known and big companies, like Microsoft, Siemens, Lenovo or Huawei.

As an advantage may act the well developed investor and advisors board, which consists of people related to big and known companies.

Final Thoughts

With the rapid development of AI-related technologies, there is undoubtedly a place in the market for such company and service. If they are able to deliver a quality product, there won't be a problem with potential and future users. Looking at the popularization of said technologies, there can be expected even a significant raise in people interested in such services. The team is experienced and have worked with big companies, therefore they look like proper people to deliver the fully working product and final platform. The potential problems may be in the sole advertising aspect and finding people interested to set up the nodes, which are very important in generating computing power required to develop AI products.

If you are interested in more details about the project or read reviews submitted by our experts and users, you can visit this ICO's TokenTops Profile.

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