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Crowd Machine ICO Review

14 march 2018, 11:40

General Idea

Crowd Machine ICO Review

The main idea of Crowd Machine is to provide a facility for developers to create decentralized apps much quicker and more efficiently. Crowd Machine wants to create all of the tools needed for fast development and then create an environment to run all of the dapps. Ultimately, anyone should be able to develop blockchain apps, from skilled developers to novices with no coding experience.

Decentralized Apps

Recently, with the development of the blockchain technologies, many companies and projects are noticing all of the advantages of decentralized technologies. There are many predictions that implies a whole migration of the current centralized app market to a decentralized model. That way dapps will be replacing the applications we use on the daily basis. Crowd Machine wants to contribute to this future revolution, allowing even a low-code or zero-code approach for the developers.

Crowd Computer

In order to provide the developers with the whole background and computing power, Crowd Machine will create the Crowd Computer, which is a decentralised Cloud and global app execution engine. To achieve such powerful tool, they will use surplus and unused computing power of many user devices within the network. Device owners, who run the program in that peer-to-peer network will be rewarded for their contribution.

Crowd Machine ICO Review

Crowd App Studio

The Crowd App Studio is a part of the platform, which allows developers, as well as people not familiar with any programming languages and blockchain technologies to build decentralized apps that run on the peer-to-peer Crowd Computer network. The most important for Crowd Machine developers was to create a simple tool, which would allow for creation of the most demanding and advanced projects. They claim App Studio is easy to use, functionally rich and should meet the most demanding requirements. The Crowd App Studio has also access to Crowd Share, which is a library of reusable source code the community has created. Moreover, Crowd Machine enables off-chain apps to be created that are blockchain agnostic.

Once the decentralized app is finished and built, it is deployed across the Crowd Computer for other users and made available to potential customers.

Crowd Share

Crowd Machine ICO Review

In order to help the developers speed up the work, Crowd Machine wants to provide them with a big library and database of reusable source codes, created by other users. It acts similar to a GitHub source repository. Community members can add source code to Crowd Share and be paid for its use every time the code is run on the network. This can significantly speed up the process of developing dapps and allow less skilled people to find code solutions for their projects. It may also lead to the apps being assembled from smaller code parts, rather than coded from scratch, which further accelerated app time to market.

The Token

The Crowdmachine tokens will be used a the main payment method within the platform. It will be used especially for the rewards for programmers who contribute their codes to the Crowd Share repository. Each time, someone uses a part of the code, they will be automatically rewarded. Also as the whole network relies on the peer-to-peer combined computing power, each user who will be running the node on their computer will also get a token rewards.

Crowd Machine ICO Review

ICO Phase

The initial exchange rate of the token is set at 1 CMCT = 0.1 ETH. The main ICO Phase will take place from the 1st of April to the 22nd of May. There will be 2,000,000,000 tokens generated in total. As a drawback may act the fact that they are only accepting two cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, as these are the two most popular and biggest ones, token buyers shouldn't find it troublesome to participate.

The Team

Crowd Machine ICO Review

The team behind Crowd Machine is strong advantage of the project, as it's broad and consists of many experienced and skilled people. Apart from project managers and directors, a strong emphasis is put on the developers and programmers responsible for the technical side of the project, which means they will most likely deliver what they promise.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the project as a whole it looks like a rather solid ICO. The team is wide and consists of full stack developers and the content and technical ideas presented in the whitepapers and other documents are well thought and planned. Crowd Machine aims to become a significant part of the decentralized revolution. The idea of providing tools for developers to create apps much easier and more efficiently will most likely find many enthusiasts and users. However, the success of the project will lie in the amount of network contributors in order to create this powerful Crowd Machine. But with interesting token rewards, they may find enough users willing to do this.

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