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CoinJanitor to Clean Up Dead Coins and Unlock their Intrinsic Values

20 march 2018, 08:45

CoinJanitor to Clean Up Dead Coins and Unlock their Intrinsic Values

Cryptocurrency supporters share the iconic ‘’to the moon’’ mantra with each other. Usually when written, the words are flagged by missiles logo aiming for some distant destination. The enthusiasm and hype surrounding new cryptocurrencies is the first dust that kick off before the launch of the ‘’destination-moon’’ missile. And just as literary as it could be, some dust don't settle for a while, some missiles come crashing back, and a high number cryptocurrency die on the way to the moon.

CoinJanitor to Clean Up Dead Coins and Unlock their Intrinsic Values

Step in the CoinJanitor

Cryptocurrency market is littered with functionally dead or failed coins. The
CoinJanitor is a blockchain startup that will play a role different from any other, it will usher in a glimmer of hope to out-of-use coins and their developers by unlocking the coin value and releasing it into the market. 

CoinJanitor is a cryptocurrency market janitor, that works by selecting distinctive failed coins for trade with the CoinJanitor token. These coins are bought from developers and community members using the startup utility token, wherein the purchased coins are burnt,followed by deactivation of their blockchains. In return, this will create a widespread network of users, who can trade their CoinJanitor tokens on an exchange platform for prime cryptocurrencies.

Failed project or not, there will always be a dead coin, but not many people own one. These failed or functionally dead coins have a certain amount of value locked within them. The value are stagnant and lack contributing elements to the market. Holders of dysfunctional coins cannot transfer that value into the markets. Also the limitation undermine the market growth and even rope in the potentials of prime cryptocurrencies.

CoinJanitor is set to become an intrinsic part of ‘’to the moon’’ community that will tie in loose or dead ends in the marketplace via creating a community network effect that provides value to a stream of dead or failed coins. CoinJanitor will offer a clean and comprehensive environment for crypto enthusiasts by doing what janitors do best; cleaning up mess.

CoinJanitor will disclose how it define dead or failed coins, and the selection process as it gets closer to its token sale event. The platform will further offer enlightenment on the economic principles the project is structured on.

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