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Cash Poker Pro Review

25 august 2017, 11:38


In today's TokenTops ICO review we will be looking at a new interesting casino game project. After visiting Cash Poker Pro's website, we are welcomed by a very brave statement that says ''It is a platform that will change the world of poker''. Do they really have that much to offer to be able to claim themselves revolutionary?



First of all, while researching this project, their site was for sure a great help. It is very well designed and has that simple minimalistic look, which allows to easily find every information needed. And the information is provided in a way that everyone is able to clearly understand what is going on with this project. It is very convenient when the developers keep in mind that not all investors have PhD in New Technologies and there are people that doesn't understand technical talk. Scrolling further we are welcomed by nice infographics with simple descriptions, there are also graphs and video showcase that help in getting to know project's details.



The fact that the developers take a rather simple and already known concept of an online casino where you can play your poker games, and introduce it to the new technology that is blockchain, plays a very important part in the possible success of this project, as many would ask why would we play at this particular platform if there are already other existing and well known places?

The blockchain grants total transparency and security. There is no way for your game to be rigged or somehow manipulated by the developers who want to take as much money from you as possible. Blockchain allows all the games to be provable fair, what once gets into the blockchain cannot be changed and this is the most desirable feature by all gamblers no matter what game they play, it's essential to know that you win or lose your money based solely on your skill or luck and not because of someone's will.


Cash Poker Pro introduces their own tokens called CASH, which are used to play on the platform. They can be bought with bitcoin, ethereum or just fiat money. These tokens are stored in secured wallet that only player has access to, so there is no scamming possibilities or risk of a sudden closure making you lose your money. Smart contracts guarantee that your winnings will be deposited to your wallet. Token owners can use them in poker games on the platform, but can also simply trade them on the exchanges or get dividends and room fees. And that's also the interesting part, you not only make money by winning hands, you can set up your own rooms and make profit of other players playing there.



From the interesting features that makes this project more possible to succeed, I'd choose the very probable spread of the game. They aim to make it playable on all devices and integrate it with already known messengers. They are already partnered with some of them and are working on integrating the platform. Among them are the ones that you are probably using every day like Facebook Messenger or Telegram, therefore it will be easy to play poker not only with your friends but also with players from all over the world as these apps are already widely popular and used by millions. Talking about players from all over the world, it is very possible that they will be able to attract leading poker stars. So there is no worry that this platform will end up empty with no players to play with. Moreover, the huge portion of the ICO funding is going to be invested into marketing campaigns.



And finally, the last an most important advantage of this project is undoubtedly the team. They are very experienced with almost 10 years in the gambling industry, with at least 3 of them being spent focused solely on poker related projects. This is not their first project and they know how to deliver, you can see their previous projects on their site. More than 50 poker schools, poker rooms, and betting shops use their software. The team is diversified to fill all the needed position, they have good developers that know how to use the power of the blockchain, marketing people to make sure the project is well advertised and will reach to as many players as possible and their own lawyers as they are always needed in this sensitive when it comes to laws gambling industry.



Their pre ICO phase and selling of the first batch of CASH tokens will start at the 26th of August at 18:00 UTC.



The matter of whether or not to invest needs always to be fully left to the investor, but considering the many advantages and no significant drawbacks of the project, I personally find it a reliable investment. Let's think about what could go wrong. They may either not deliver the product or turn out to be a scam, but both is highly improbable as it is in almost ready stage and they won't risk their good and experienced names to suddenly disappear or scam people of money. What may be worrisome is whether or not the profit will be good, but even if the token won't sell high on the exchanges, getting a percentage from poker games will surely end up profitable, as there is always a lot of money going on in such businesses, let's only look at the poker tournaments with players risking a budget of millions of dollars in one game. I think there are no unpleasant surprises to be expected from this project.


To inform yourself further you can always look up this ICO profile here at TokenTops and read other users reviews and opinions there.

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