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Birdchain ICO Review

25 april 2018, 23:45

General Idea

Birdchain wants to create a whole ecosystem with internal economics, where users can earn, transfer and spend their tokens. It is a decentralized application that is in a way similar to a instant messaging app. They want to provide services much cheaper than similar mainstream platforms are currently offering, with features like A2P SMS distribution, content engagement, personal data market place and many others.

Birdchain ICO Review

Messaging dApp

The main goal of Birdchain is to disrupt the A2P SMS market and benefit from the improvements that could be achieved thanks to the blockchain technology. That way they can make the services much better, faster and almost instant, more transparent, and most importantly fair-priced. There are multiple features and ideas that will be introduced into the decentralized app after the successful ICO crowdfunding. The first goal is to enable easy money transfers in order to create a way for users to earn some money within the app. The first version of the application will allow users to easily and conveniently communicate with anyone via text messages. Then the developers will be introducing other extensions and services like a built-in personal data marketplace or content engagement. Moreover, other developers will be able to create their own 3rd party apps or mini games for example. During the early stages, the team will be open to all of the feedback and recommendations.

Birdchain ICO Review

Passive income

One of the more interesting features of the project is to offer the users an opportunity to earn some passive income, while using the application. In the documentation a possible monthly reward is estimated to reach even $150, which can act as a great and not that demanding source of additional money for many people.

Birdchain ICO Review

It's not a secret anymore that companies and big social media platforms are constantly tracking our data. All of this information about our behaviour, hobbies, interests and habits. We are the ones who produce this type of information, however no one rewards people for this. Birdchain wants to allow users to manage their own data and sell it on a special marketplace. Moreover, companies will be able to reward users for completing surveys and providing specific information.

The Token

The BIRD token is Ethereum-based with the ERC-20 standard, which means it can be stored in most of the popular Ethereum wallets alongside other popular ICO tokens. To optimize the transaction cost and performance, all micro transactions are processed off-chain, and only the final stakes are returned to the Ethereum network. BIRD will be used as the primary payment method within the platform. All of the transactions, as well as rewards will be paid out in BIRDs.

ICO Phase

Birdchain ICO Review

The first two closed and open pre-sale phases have already been successfully conducted. The main crowdsale is scheduled to be running from the first of March to the end of May, 2018. The soft cap of the ICO is set at 15000 ETH and has already been reached, which means the project has enough funds to begin the real development process, while the hard cap is set at 10500 ETH.

The Team

It's worth noting that the team behind Birdchain consists of members from a bigger and already established European company Vertex. They have created an A2P SMS aggregation business, called VertexSMS. It has delivered more than 2.6 billion messages and cooperated with companies and brands like Western Union, SalesForce or TransferGo. Among their clients one can mention even companies like Google, WhatsApp and Facebook or Skype. Apart from messaging-related products and services, the company has also invested in advanced microlaser manufacturer or have been developing a strong social network with more than million unique users to test new ways of advertising. In 2013, they have launched the first in the region rent-to-buy service,

Birdchain ICO Review

All of these past products and successes show that the team is experienced in working on big projects. They have proved many times that they have great programming and technological skills, as well as managing and advertising ones. All of the team members are listed on the site and in the documentation with all of the necessary and interesting information about their own experience, skills and knowledge. Among them there are multiple founders and co-owners of many blockchain related projects and start-ups.

Final Thoughts

The sole idea of the project is rather simple and this makes it more likely to succeed. They want to take a well-known and widely used service like SMS gateways and create a much better and improved version. The development of the blockchain technology has brought many interesting solutions and improvements to problems, therefore one day there will be need to upgrade our applications. The team behind the project is very experienced and knows how to develop successful projects. The content of the site, whitepapers and overall design are on a very high level.

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