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Ankorus Announces One-Of-Its-Kind Token Sale Feature

09 january 2018, 15:41

         Ankorus, the new cryptocurrency brokerage anchor, began their public ico on 25 November 2017 with an expected hardcap of 3500 Ether. The platform is the brainchild of John Cruz, a prolific salesman who in his 25 years of selling everything - or so he claims - has come to realize ''bell and whistles do not make you money'. Rather, features do, which is why John has initiated a first-of-its-kind token sale feature in the ICO industry. 

Ankorus Announces One-Of-Its-Kind Token Sale Feature

Ankorus’ ICO has a hardcap of 3500 ETH and has currently raised $500,000. However, if the sales should fail to achieve its hardcap, Contributors will have their ETH returned to them with less the gas fees. Contributors can expect about a 1.2% deduction in fees. What’s more, every contributor will also get to keep their ANK tokens as a goodwill gesture from the company.

“Should our token sale exceed our target, then we will be able to more quickly achieve other milestones, such as becoming a regulated broker-dealer, developing our AnchorNet trading platform and implementing our DLT blockchain” John Cruz stated. “To our present contributors, we want to make clear that you’re aboard already, as ANK holders. If your contribution is returned, we hope you may remain encouraged to make a good decision twice and buy even more of our tokens — because, as you can see, Ankorus is going places”. The CEO also pointed out that Ankorus TGE is not like these other ICOs, for at least two reasons. First, Ankorus is an extremely viable business that will launch in January, and secondly, is the imminent refunds which demonstrate the kind of trust and opportunity the platform represent. 

Ankorus is set to open its door in January 2018 as a retail operation for investors. The platform will be capable of brokering deals from $100,000 — $500million.

Ankorus is a cryptocurrency brokerage platform where anyone can tokenize their investment by purchasing shares, stocks, bonds, FX, ETFs, gold, silver and other financial instruments. These instruments can be purchased through a variety of cryptocurrencies including Ripple, NEO, Litecoin, BTC, BCH and many more. The Ankorus platform will keep the purchased securities in their reserve while buyers receive equivalent of purchase in okens. These securities are redeemable whenever the owners wishes too.


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