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17 february 2018, 18:04

General Idea


AB-CHAIN wants to create an advertising network. They have noticed an increasing number of new blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects, which raise their funds through ICO. As these projects are developed, they will be looking for advertising opportunities. However, not many platforms and services accept cryptocurrencies, therefore AB-CHAIN wants to create a way of buying online ads without need to convert ICO raised funds into fiat currencies.

Advertising Platform

By creating a blockchain-based advertising platform, they will be able to cut off any unnecessary middleman or intermediary services, as well as fees that come with them, leading to providing the whole advertising service for much more affordable and cheaper price than other similar mainstream platforms.

An Advertisers Office would offer easy to use and user friendly interface, which would make it easier and much convenient to manage and run your marketing campaign and set your targetings. All of the analytical and statistic data would also be available to analyze and determine how successful the current campaign is or if something should be done to reach more users and potential customers.

Artificial Intelligence

AB-CHAIN is working for development of a sustainable advantage over traditional advertising networks not only through the adoption of cryptocurrency, but also by increasing the effectiveness of advertising placement. The most interesting feature of the platform is the usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. They want to use self-learning neural network which would be able to analyze advertising campaigns in real time and connect the results of ad placement with its conditions. AI will be checking AB-CHAIN ads on the whole network to identify which placements achieve actions and results expected by the advertisers. It also tracks other variables such as websites, audience interests or time.


Benefits for ICO campaigns

As AB-CHAIN wants to provide advertising and marketing opportunities while accepting cryptocurrencies, it may be a very convenient way for new cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects to AB-CHAIN services. Recently, there was a huge increase in projects that raise their funds through Initial Coin Offering. A significant number of companies that raised funds through ICOs are now developing their products. More than half of these companies will be introducing their products in 2018. As soon as these products and platforms are developed, the companies will need to advertise them. Startups usually spend 20 to 30% of their budgets for marketing and advertising. As they were raising the funds in cryptocurrencies, it is much more convenient for them to pay for advertising services also in these currencies. 

Webmaster Wallet


Web-publishers and site owners usually don't accept payments in cryptocurrencies due to high market volatility and rapid price changes. Cryptocurrencies are not yet popularized that much among companies to accept it for regular services. However, advertising spaces usually are able to sell only half of their possible ad capacity. To sell the whole space they need to lower significantly their prices. AB-CHAIN wants to provide webmasters with special tools, that would enable them to sell their remaining ad space for cryptocurrencies in a much safer and convenient way. Webmaster would then be able to automatically exchange and  withdraw the money in regular fiat currencies. Moreover, site owners do not need to switch advertising widgets of different networks or change the site in any special way, as it is enough to put the AB-CHAIN widget, which will fill the entire advertising capacity.

The token


The token used for payment for the transactions within the network is called RTB Token, which stands for Real Time Bidding, which is bidding occurring in real time and leads to the technology in online advertisement industry that is based on IAB OpenRTB protocol. As want AB-CHAIN develops will act as a base for future projects to be built upon, they hope that new advertising platforms and partner networks will adapt this cryptocurrency.



The main ICO phase and token sale starts on the 19th of February and will last until the end of March. The initial price of the token is $0.35. They offer bonuses through various stages of the sale, which means the earlier you decide to buy, the more tokens you can get.

The team


The team behind AB-CHAIN is relatively big. They have enough people to properly and fully develop what they are promising. Apart from a group of programmers and developers responsible for the technical and blockchain-related part of the project, there are also people with years of experience in marketing and advertising industry, while the advisory board consists of people experienced with running ICO and their campaigns.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the project looks very good and professional. Their site design is very interesting and good-looking, which shows that they know how to create a good impression, which is important for a project that wants to specialize in advertising and marketing. As they will be accepting cryptocurrencies, the potential market and amount of customers will be most likely increasing in next months. And as their services may appeal to many ICO projects, there is a high chance for them to find clients.

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