Blocktrade Launches New Version of its Crypto Trading Platform, Featuring a Gamified Ecosystem and Free Educational Course

Blocktrade, the leading digital asset platform, has unveiled its latest version of the exchange platform, featuring a brand new iOS app, revamped customer onboarding process, redesigned website, and a level-based rewards program for users. The platform’s roadmap aims to create a fully gamified ecosystem, enabling active users to earn points, unlock new NFT avatars, and rise up leaderboards as they participate in trading, challenges, and minigames. The simplification of the onboarding experience for new users is a crucial step towards realizing this gamified trading environment.

Crypto trading platform

The core of Blocktrade’s platform roadmap is the BTEX token, currently being launched by the company. The native ecosystem token will be used to unlock a wide range of features, benefits, and rewards for users on the platform.

Blocktrade Academy, a free and easily accessible crypto course, is another new addition to the platform. The course consists of 14 educational videos, breaking down basic blockchain and crypto subjects in simple language for those new to crypto trading. The educational content is carefully designed and produced to be relevant, concise, and informative. Upon completion of the beginner course, users are eligible to receive a certification.

Blocktrade continues to move towards crypto mass adoption and is committed to consistently enhancing the user experience of the platform. The latest refinements to the platform bring about the level of service expected by today’s consumers and set the company up for the full launch of its gamified ecosystem later this year.


Blocktrade, a leading digital asset platform, has launched a new version of its exchange platform featuring a gamified ecosystem, a brand new iOS app, a revamped customer onboarding process, a redesigned website, and a free crypto course. The platform’s roadmap aims to create a fully gamified ecosystem and the core of it is the BTEX token. The company is committed to enhancing the user experience and moving towards crypto mass adoption.


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